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What is hogarth homes?


Hogarth Homes allows us to provide our current and future clients with a different approach to development work; one of pro-active partnership and cooperation. Through Hogarth Homes, we can offer a highly tailored partnership, allowing you the benefit of expert involvement from the very beginning of your project to its completion, from site searches right through to sales. 

Private clients sometimes come to us having bought a house that needs massive conversion to meet their family needs. With Hogarth Homes we think we can find a better solution. We seek to get involved earlier, and try ourselves to find sites, or unmodernised buildings, in order to give our clients an expert head start in the process. Hogarth Homes are happy to work together with property finders to this end.

For developers and investors we seek to identify opportunities that we can package, and then sell on or enter into a joint venture, producing attractive design and achieving premium sales prices.

For more information please see our Hogarth Homes website.


what are we currently working on?

land search & acquisition


Whether you have a site in mind, or need help finding the right location to invest in, we can help. We are able to carry out feasibility assessments of any prospective site to allow you to see its full potential for development. If you do not have a site, we are able to offer you access to a catalogue of sites we have at the ready, or help you find your ideal spot elsewhere. 

tailored architectural solutions


We believe that great architecture lies at the centre of every successful development. Our approach looks to put smart, crisp and intelligent design at the forefront of the process, ensuring both quality and value is achieved throughout the process.