This 19th century modest terraced property in Belgravia was completely reconfigured into a bright and contemporary house. Originally the house consisted of a ground floor covering the entire plot and two small additional floors. There was also a small basement coal store. The overall spaces were very restricted and accessed via a winding and tight staircase. In addition, there was an apparent lack of natural light throughout.

The core idea for the design is to bring natural light to the interior areas as much as possible and at the same time provide much needed floor space through the addition of a full basement and a first floor extension. A better flow of space and light was achieved through the redesign of the stairway, consisting of a straight flight of stairs with open treads and clear walk-on glass on the access corridors in all levels. A roof-light brings light through these glass floors all the way to the basement. At the same time, a double height space was introduced between the ground floor and basement covered entirely with a large roof-light. Another roof-light was designed to bring even more light at ground floor level.

The rest of the design elements are intentionally “simple” allowing for clean and bright surfaces with very detailed flush finishes and joinery junctions.

The result is an internal space that is defined by the location of all the various sources of natural light and the ways the light is transmitted and distributed throughout the rest of the house.