Hogarth Architects are delighted to have secured a new project with Hammersmith and Fulham Council following a successful presentation to the local residents. Reconfiguration of the circulation space and entrance to the residential block has been designed to address a long standing issue for the residents and is due to be implemented later this year.

The scheme at Crefeld Close introduces a small-scale addition to the existing complex, in order to facilitate an alternative entrance to the stairwell and address concerns that are presently raised by the residents and general public. The building entrance is currently located within a passageway at the rear of the property, resulting in issues concerning safety within the complex. The scheme at present proposes to relocate the entrance towards the front of the property, therefore, reducing visually disconnected areas and maximising safety within property grounds.

The proposed addition affects the existing structure to a minimal extent as it includes a new-built staircase of 8 steps that lead to and connect with the existing stairwell. The scheme includes a new metal gate, which encloses the passageway between stairwell and residences, as well as new entry controls and an extension of the existing lighting circuit, further benefiting the residents’ safety.